Happy Birthday Madison!

by Delena Richeson on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10:53pm ·

Ashton and I had a lovely time celebrating Madison’s birthday! 🙂 Not even death can take away memories which we have to cherish for a lifetime! Madison may have only been on this earth 3 years and 10 months but she gave me a lifetime of precious memories! Thirteen years ago today she changed my world in wonderful way when I become a Mommy! I will not understand why God took her to be with Him at such a young age until I see Him face to face but, I accept His will. Losing my firstborn makes me very emphatic and truly grateful to God for giving us His only Son to die for our sins so we may have eternal and abundant life. Losing a child is not easy, it’s the biggest heartbreak I think anyone can experience. Watching someone you brought into this world leave this world is unnatural. I will not for even a second take for granted what my Savior did for me! Thank you family and friends for your support and prayers. Sorry I was not in the mood to talk on the phone. I was deep in the Spirit. God bless you all!madi


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