Words of Wisdom from Grandma Alice Jane

This morning I watched a sermon on DVD from the 2007 Women’s conference which Mike’s grandmother, Alice Jane Schaffer Blthye, preached. I had the honor of meeting Alice Jane this summer on her 98th birthday. We are pictured here as she pulled me into her lap and gave me a bear hug. The world needs more Alice Janes! I pray that God uses me like he did Alice Jane and I can carry on her legacy once her time on earth is up. I cherish knowing Mike and it makes my heart smile to be close to such an anointed family. God is so good!
One statement Alice Jane made during her sermon touched me. She said Jesus died for us and He needs us to live for him. God stopped me right there and showed me that means to carry out His works…to finish what Jesus started.
I will leave you with a few of Alice Jane’s closing thoughts to ponder:
~Everything God gives us, He plans for us to give away.
~God has given us everything we have, now what are we going to give Him?
~There is so much fussing and fighting in churches today, it’s a sin…God says love your brothers and sisters. Love, forgive, give to one another…
~God is waiting on the church to rise up and be the arm that delivers this world. He is depending and counting on us.
me and alice jane


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