Happy Homegoing Momma

Today is the third anniversary of my mom’s entrance into Heaven. I remember the day she passed away vividly. I was at a Christmas party at the home of my best friend, Chantel, in Houston when my Dad called saying my mom had been rushed to the ER. I remember everyone at the Christmas party gathering around me to earnestly pray for my mom. I had just talked her on the phone earlier that day and was in shock. My mother was upset with me for not hurrying up and driving to Tennessee earlier in the week to celebrate her favorite holiday, Christmas. I had to make a tough call that week and ended up doing what was in the best interest of my daughter, Ashton Mikelle. It was very hard to let my mom down. She was one who like taking ‘No’ for an answer when she really wanted something. Take me, for example, she and my Dad waited over five years to adopt me. Growing up in my home was bitter sweet. There were times when I felt so scared because of my older brother’s


outbursts that I prayed God would take me away. I am so proud of him now, for getting on the right path. I have forgave my family for the pain they caused and asked them to forgive me the same. I had good times and bad in the Richeson household. My mom loved me and hurt me. As I did the same to her. We laughed and cried together. But despite my critics, she did not die from me breaking her heart. God answered my prayer to heal her. She is in Heaven now with her family, including her husband of 45 years and my daughter, Madison Zoë, whom she loved dearly. She is no longer hurting or having to hook up her dialysis machine. She is perfect in the glory of God! Let’s all honor Mrs. JoAnn Davis Richeson today and each day forward by loving each other and forgiving. Spread the joy of peace. Please join me in a drama free 2013.


2 thoughts on “Happy Homegoing Momma

  1. Great writing Delena! Thank you so much for sharing your very personal life experiences. How I wish these violations had never happened to you Sweetheart, it pains me so. How I admire and respect your courage and talent. I know the Lord will use you to bring healing and comfort to many others. …”perfect in the glory of God”, is a great line. My parents, brothers, Aunts/Uncles are all there, ‘in the glory of God’ as well <3. I wonder if everybody knows everybody there ?! We may have been separated from our loved ones but while still on earth, knowing Jesus, we can expect GOOD things to happen as we journey through life, as well as the exceeding joy of being with Jesus and our heavenly Father and the exciting joy of being reunited again with loved ones.Peace and Joy to you and yours, this brand new "drama free" year, 2013!

  2. David Brewer says:

    Moms are always special in our lives no matter what they do because they are MOM!!
    I know my mom was praying for me and my brother as we were growing up and is still praying! Thanks for sharing the wonderful testimony if your mom!!
    Bro David Brewer

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