From Korn to Christ


I have always related to Korn.  I saw them live in concert in London in 2005.  I have been hurt, abused, tainted, and used beyond belief; just like many members of Korn.  To an abused person, their music is healing.  Even though, the band wasn’t Christian in nature, I could hear cries for help in the music. My favorite song on their cd Issues is track #1 “All I want in Life is to be happy”.  I love the drums and the bag pipes intertwined into a musical escape of trance.  Korn has gotten me through some tough times.  Yes, they dropped the “F” bomb a lot.  It’s not an excuse, but being sexually abused, the anger their music expresses is right on!  I was brought up in church and I’ve always loved the Lord.  In my darkest times, I did stray a little but I’d always pray to get closer to God.  I’d also pray for those who have experienced the same pain I had to feel God’s love, like the musicians of Korn.  I was ecstatic when guitarist Brain “Head” Welch became a Christian, quit drugs, and dedicated his life to his faith and his young daughter, Jennea. And then he did the unthinkable–he left one of the most successful bands in music history. Currently recording a “God-inspired” album, and now out with a New York Times best-selling book, “Save Me from Myself”. (last 2 sentences from Interview by Dena Ross)

God can do all things even convert a head banger! 🙂


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