“Great Minds Think Alike”


I’ve often heard the expression “Great minds think alike”. I hadn’t given it too much thought until I started getting deeper in my relationship with my best friend. See, my best friend and I have many friends and acquaintances in common. He often shares the same ideas with all of us that are in his “inner circle”. For example, today my friend Erik spoke about forgiveness in bible study. The exact same topic my friend lead me to a picture of in my files for an upcoming blog detailing the true story of how I forgave a ‘friend’ who viciously lied to my boss about me and started a horrible rumor. I recently took the initiative and sent this friend a message letting her know she is forgiven by me and I was sorry if I ever knowingly or unknowingly hurt her. Now, I couldn’t have done that without the support of my best friend. It was like Erik told my story, but he hadn’t heard it. Yet, we have the same best friend and He shares the same information with all his closet friends. Our best friend is Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Him I encourage you to seek Him. If you just say this simple prayer He can become your best friend as well. Lord Jesus, Please forgive me of my sins and make me new. Come live in my heart and be my best friend. I want You to be my Saviour and I confess You are the Lord of my life. Help me each day to become more like You. Amen!


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