Ministry Spotlight!


Who’s in the spotlight of your ministry?  I know several people with ministries great and small. I’ve started getting to know some of these ministry leaders on a more personal basis. When you get closer to someone and spend more time with them their motives become clearer.  I was recently dishearten to see that someone I know fairly well was putting the ministry spotlight more on the founder (self) and less on Jesus. I was at first troubled by this,  but after prayer and seeking wise counsel I realized the truth. God can and will use a ministry with selfish motives to advance His Kingdom. Yet, He is a jealous God and won’t share the spotlight long! It says in the Word you either get your reward from God or man. If you boast of your good works to seek man’s approval then God doesn’t promote you. So in the end, I realized all I can do is pray for my friend that God purifies the motives of the ministry.  After all, He is God not me and no one can sees our heart and motives but Him. I know no one’s heart but my own. But this appearance of selfishness made me check me own motives and ask the Lord to search me and remove anything in my heart that is not pleasing to Him.

Join me in praying His will and to advance His Kingdom in all we do!
Blessings to you all!


One thought on “Ministry Spotlight!

  1. So true! You are doing exactly what God would have you do which is pray. God can use anyone at anytime to serve His purposes. If He can use someone like Nebuchadnezzar, He can use your friend whose heart isn’t in the right place. Continue to lift your friend and his/her ministry in prayer. God will refine him/her in His time.

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