Learning to Relax…..an acquired skill.


Most of my life has been fast-paced and filled with drama I never asked to partake in. In my childhood, I had little to no control over my environment. Or who and what was allowed in my life. But now, I am an adult. I can make my own decisions; including where I live, where I go, and who I allow in my life. I have learned many hard lessons throughout my journey. In this season of my life, I am learning to relax. I am understanding, for the first time, what calm feels like. Let me tell you, calm and peace, is blissful! I highly recommend it to all! I have a goal for 2013, “Drama free is the way to be.” As I work to reach this goal I am learning that in the absence of drama there is peace. I’ve discovered to attain calm you must eliminate negativity. I am still learning each day but making an effort to chose peace despite anyone’s reaction is very rewarding! At the end of my day, I must answer the question: Who did I please today? God or man. God never brings drama…..so who are you pleasing?


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