Forgiveness can be a One Way Street


I saw this sign as I drove by a church in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. It brought a personal situation to memory and the sign made me laugh. There was a lady who my best friend and I befriended a few years back. We went out of our way to help this lady spiritually, professionally, financially, and emotionally. She in turn, seemed to be appreciative on the surface. Then, I got a bizarre call from my ministry leaders at my church. An anonymous lady had called to report that I was being extremely promiscuous. My church responded in love and offered help. I assured them this complaint was untrue and after writing a required statement all was well in my ministry. I knew where this “anonymous” concern came from, I immediately called my best friend to ask her why our mutual friend had done this. She assured me that she advised her not to call the church and she wasn’t sure why she did it or why she thought I was a very naughty girl. This upset me and the accuser would not speak to me. After some time, I decided to forgive her. I sent her a message to let her know I knew what she did and I forgive her. I went an extra step and apologized if I had ever done anything to upset her. Her response was…..Silence. The next time I saw her….nothing. I said Hello and she wouldn’t look me in the eye. I have moved on and refuse to live my life in unforgiveness and anger. I’m over what she did. It was wrong but hopefully she will no longer start vicious rumors. For now, this act of forgiveness is a one way street. I pray this lady learns from her actions and moves from guilt to glory. Yet, I can’t let anyone else’s actions stop me from being joyful!


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