Sometimes the best thing to say is Nothing


Yesterday, I got a big test in staying calm and quiet. A lady, who was assigned to help me with a project, just total gave up and verbally atracked me. I sat and listened as she blamed me for being tardy and got defensive when I apologized. I was the only one of her group of four ladies who came to the meeting. I sat and took a verbal beating for showing up. For a moment, I questioned if I should have just flaked out like the other ladies. Yet, I remained silent and let this lady in authority lash out knowing she was hurting for reasons I do not know. I kept silent until she was finished. Then politely dismissed myself. It was definitely a challenge. Sometimes, it is hard, yet necessary to be quite.
Perhaps my small act of silence will sow a seed of love in her heart. Being silent isn’t admitting you’re wrong, it is keeping the peace.

Can you relate?


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