Close despite infrequent visits


This is a picture of me and my best friend. We do not get to visit as much as we use to in our single mom days which were filled with slumber parties, outreaches, and “fishing” trips. We are both in new seasons in our lives. She got married a few years ago and has two new little ones, and I have been dedicated to more ministry and writing endeavors. Yet, despite our busy lives we remain connected. So when we get a few minutes to share a best friend hug it doesn’t seem as if any time has passed at all.
I was able to see my best friend last night at church. As she gave me a warm loving hug, I reflected on our Father’s love. We can not “see” Him, yet He is always there with loving arms. Just like it is important for me to stay connected to my best friend, it is vital to stay connected to my Father! I do this through prayer, meditation, praise, worship, and service.
How to you stay connected to the One who matters most to you?


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