Climbing despite the challenge


Recently, for date night, my boyfriend took me to the Palladum to see a movie. This infrastructure is filled with new theaters, restaurants, and a bowling alley. It is very nice. After we ordered food, he wanted us to journey up the huge staircase with food in hand  to have a more romantic spot. I’m all for romance, yet trying to carry a basket of food and a drink while climbing stairs in a large fracture boot isn’t my idea of fun. Nonetheless, out of my love for my momentary oblivious beau, I climbed the huge staircase. After almost falling on the last few stairs, I was not in the mood for romance. I sat quietly and ate after we finally arrived at a table. My man was all smiles. He was proud of the view. Yet, he had forgotten all about my walking impairment.

His actions, having good intentions, were totally out of context considering my lack of mobility. Yes, later in the evening he realized his error and apologized for his insensitivity.

That made me ponder, do we as Christians ever jump the gun in our quest to do good deeds?
I know I have. Do you have a story? I’d love to hear it.


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