Unexpected Help


This is my best friend’s baby girl; we are pictured here blogging. That day I recieved some unexpected help typing. 🙂
It made me think about people who have helped me out along my journey. Some expected, some not. I used to feel ackward letting others help me until one day a friend shared some insight with me. He said if someone wants to bless you and you refuse their blessing, then you’ve just blocked God’s blessing upon them. If God lead them to bless you, don’t stop His plan.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Help

  1. I am not sure if there is a “mainstream definition”. Many people have different views of what a Christian is; I am Christian and my belief is that Jesus is the Son of God sent by God to redeem a sinful world. He is the only way to the Father and eternal salvation. (John 3:16) I have a personal relationship with Jesus, I pray to Him, talk to Him, Praise and worship Him. I also believe in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I am Spirit filled and love the Lord. I hope this helps, if not maybe you can talk to a pastor. 🙂 I’ve learned what I know through reading the Bible, much prayer, and through bible studies and sermons. I do know that if you pray to have something revealed that God will reveal it in His way and time.

  2. Thanks for your kind and sincere reply. I have talked long with pastors and yes missionaries as well. Believe me, I never found a Christian who could deny following definition of Jesus: “Second member of Triune God, Son of first part of Triune God, but also “fully” God in every respect…. Not even a single Christian ever deny this definition… you believe Jesus is Son of God, fine, so you do believe Jesus is Son of father, as well as Son of Son (Grandson of God) and Son of Holy Spirit (2nd Son of God). Please tell me in plain words, “DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS IS SON OF FIRST PART OF TRIUNE GOD?” I sit correct? OR NOT. I am not going into a long debate; but merely want how do you Christian people define Jesus Christ? Do you also believe in Grand Son of God and 2nd Son of God which is Son of Holy Spirit? If your answer is No; then why do you not accept that Jesus is Son of first part of God ONLY?

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