For the past few weeks I have been going to physical therapy, to strengthen my ankle, after healing from surgery.  I complete several exercises then the therapist ices my ankle before I leave.  The ice is very cold but necessary to aid in healing.  One day, I decided to decline the ice and leave.  The next day, I was in pain.  My body needed that time to “chill”, relax, and recoup after I worked hard.  My ankle became weak in the months I could not use it, so it needs time to recharge between workouts.  We also need downtime in order to keep up our productivity.  

What’s your favorite way to chill?  Mine is a relaxing bath with candles.



One thought on “Chill

  1. Since, I think, I am more or less introvert, I find relaxing, on the net 🙂 I used to read magazines online, then moved to articles, and now FB and YouTube and now finally blogs. Apart from that, it’s always most relaxing to talk to family, sisters and mother, that actually makes you a lot stronger, beyond your belief. Cheers!

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