Did Joyce Meyer re-blog me?


Early this morning I got a text from my best friend (who is obviously becoming my Public Relations Specialist…lol), it had this picture attached. She jokingly said Joyce Meyer must be reading my blogs because her blog today is strikingly similar to my blog yesterday.
First, let me say I’m flattered. Second, I’m not so egotistical I think Joyce is really using my blog for her ministry ideas. I know God spoke to both of us to spread the word of being a good ambassador to Him. This actually happened to me before with another minister,  my friend Erik Luchetta.
(refer to my blog achieves “Great Minds Think Alike” 1/14/13)
Lastly, these common themes between ministries are present day proof that the Holy Spirit gives revelation to His people to share with others to advance His Kingdom. That is exactly what He did when the Bible was written.

This makes my heart smile. 🙂


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