Naughty, Nice & Puppy dog tails


The two adorable puppies pictured above may look nothing alike but they are siblings from the same litter. Not only is their appearance completely different, their behavior is opposite as well.
How can this be? They are from the same gene pool. This phenomenon reminded me of the battle between the Spirit and the flesh.
See, the flesh is like the cute, tan boy dog. Like him, it’s wild, seeks self gratification, has little to no respect for rules, and can be very destructive. Yet, it’s very attractive (errr cute in his case) and can easily get your attention.
The Spirit is like the small, black girl dog. She’s quite, well mannered, patient, and obedient. She’s easy to care for and brings much joy. She may not seem as exciting as her wild brother but she is more loving and peaceful.
Just as the flesh may be appealing it causes stress and makes a mess (like the boy puppy). Yet, the Spirit, not as demanding, brings peace and ease (like the girl puppy).
We all have the same choice to be lead by our Spirit or flesh. What will you choose?


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