Size mirages


As I hit my late thirties, I had a few unwelcomed guests in the form of extra pounds. It started with late night eating and here one year later I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. Especially jeans, one of my favorite wardrobe selections of the past. I see designer jeans hanging in my closet that my new body can not squeeze into….this saddens me.
Yet, when a shop for big girl jeans I am perplexed at the vast array of sizes that fit. From 2 to 10. How can it be? I believe the fashion market is subcconsciously winning customers with their “smaller” sizes, labelling an 8 a 2 and so on. Clever yet deceitful.
However, this weight roller coaster has made me realize that it’s not the size number inside my jeans that matters, it’s my overall health. If I eat right and exercise moderately then my ideal weight and size will emerge. No need for crash diet, starvation, or possibly eating disorders. Being happy and healthy should come natural.


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