Cookie Cravings


Those delectable treats pictured above are thumbprint tea cookies from one of my favorite bakeries. They look too tiny to do any harm. Yet, those small sweets are ruining my healthy diet. If I could only eat a few instead of a couple dozen, it would be permissible. However, I am flat out addicted to those delicious desserts!
Now, I must find a way to cease this cookie craving before I pack on major pounds and affect my health.
These sweet little treats are like so many road blocks we face in life; they look harmless but if not kept in check can unlease major damage. Is there anything hindering you? If so, I encourage you to face it head on. Admitting the problem is the first, and usually, most difficult step. Then, I urge you to find a good friend who can serve as your accountability partner and call you out when your tempted and cheer you on as you make progress. Lay it down. Just like my cookies, it can be challenging; but nothing is worth keeping you from your best possible life!


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