Is reading a lost hobby?


Sometimes as a writer, I question if anyone reads my work. Is reading a lost hobby? Then, I gathered some unofficial data.
As I was riding on the NYC subway I looked around at other passengers. There were 6 people acorss from me, 5 of the 6 were reading. That made me feel very hopeful. πŸ™‚
Then I examined their reading material closer, 3 of the 5 had physical hardcover books and 2 were reading e-books. That also delighted me to see that printed books are still desirable.
Also, I noticed all 5 readers were engrossed in their book. Very interested and not splitting their attention. Perhaps, I sat across from very intellectual people or people that find reading more interesting than subways. Nonetheless, I feel that is a valid and encouraging observation for a writer.
Even tough my data isn’t scientific, I think it’s safe to conclude that reading is alive and well. So I encourage my fellow writers to create new literary works for our avid readers (5 of which are pictured above). πŸ™‚


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