2013 Government Shutdown


     There are rumors of a government shutdown all over the internet. Seems all fingers are pointing to Obamacare as the culprit.  Whether it is constitutional or not is a debate in itself.           Bottomline, our government can not agree. As I was self educating myself on this matter, I learned that we had a shutdown for 21 days in 1995 (that carried into 1996). I didn’t notice. Which I found cost the country $1.4 billion according to the Constitutional Research Service.
     The hype made me think Dooms Day was coming. Yet, it is being called dysfunction from those within. Nonetheless, it is frightening to think America is broke (not a new phenomen) and Congress can’t agree on spending the money our country doesn’t have. The uncertainty breeds fear.
     No matter what is going on, God is in control. Uncle Sam may need to fall to his knees and pray for direction. I don’t know about you, but I’ve chosen to pray through this national crisis. Afterall, it is all in God’s very capable hands.


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