Coffee and corrections


Oh, how I loathe the rewrite process. Edit, rewrite, repeat. Please novel, get publish worthy already.
So as I sit here sipping my coffee and completing the mundane tasks of editing and rewriting, I post this simple blog in hopes to hear some inspiration from fellow writers.
Yet, don’t let my boredom with the rewrite stage fool you, I will finish this novel with style. My hope is my readers enjoy it and it helps others surviving sexual assault. Operation Hush is coming soon, I’ve given myself 60 days to finish the final touches and get it into the publisher’s hands. Focus is my key to success!


One thought on “Coffee and corrections

  1. The editing and rewriting process is very tedious. It was my least favorite part of getting my devotional, “Deeply Rooted” published. It was slow and seemed never ending. However, it was worth it in the end. Try and do it in bits and pieces. Work at it for a set period of time and then take a break and do something else, that’s what helped me. Good luck!

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