Heads or Tails


When I was young, I loved to find money on the ground. I would pick it up and place it in my pocket until I could add it to my savings in my piggy bank.
One day, I was picking up a penny and my mom yelled, “Don’t get that one, it’s on tails. You’ll have bad luck”. I was very confused, it was still a penny despite it’s position, it would add one cent to my savings. I honored my mother’s wishes and laid the coin back down but, I flipped it over on heads.
She noticed this and asked why I flipped the penny over. I told her so the next person who found it would have good luck. She smiled and we walked on.
I don’t believe the penny is more valuable on heads than tails. I don’t believe in luck. I have faith in God. Just like I flipped the penny from the “negative” to the “positive” side; He can change your life and make you the head not the tail.


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