Shopping Willpower


I love to get free coupons in the mail from stores I frequently shop. I know they send me these little freebies as a sales strategy to get me in thier store to spend more money. It works on most people and I fall prey to this marketing ploy on occasion.
Yet, on days like yesterday when I can walk in look around then redeem my free gift and leave, I feel accomplished. As if I won the sales game. It’s all about willpower. Sometimes, I do feel pressured to buy things I do not need because they are on sale or I got a free gift. But no more. I do what’s best for me. I didn’t need anything yesterday so I didn’t indulge. It’s hard to do until you get some practice. Willpower helps in all areas, just not shopping. Bottomline, do what’s best for you. Stop smoking, drinking, overspending, or whatever vice you need to lay down. The key is one step at a time. Celebrate each small victory.


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