A lady I had just met was talking to me about another friend of hers. She listed negative attributes and struggles of the other lady. Then she stated, it’s not like I gossip about her.
My heart sank when she said that because she was indeed partaking in gossip whether or not she realized it. I struggled for words because I barely knew the lady.
I would like to say I taught her a valuable lesson which made her have a change of heart and good reigns over evil. But the truth is, I said nothing. Perhaps, because I felt she wouldn’t receive my counsel well since I was a mere stranger an hour prior to her gossiping.
Yet, all was not lost. Her actions made me check my heart. Are my words and actions lifting others up? In Proverbs it states, “The power of life and death lie within the tongue”.
Let me ask you the question I asked myself, Are your words cultivating life or death?


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