Stuck on You


Pictured above is a Texas grass burr. These pesky weeds stick on you when you walk through a yard that isn’t well-maintened. Sometimes, it’s hard to notice these nuisances until it’s too late and they stick painfully in your skin.
As I was digging burrs off my shoes and feet (never wear flip flops in high grass), I realized the burrs are much like bad habits and negative people. All leech to you for dear life and are hard to remove. Each one is painful if they get too close or embedded.
Just like the burrs hide in the tall, unkept grass, bad habits and negative people lurk in dark corners. The best way to aviod all these pests is to be on guard. Make good decisions about your surroundings. Aviod tall grass and seedy areas. May you be empowered to make wise choices.


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