Privacy Paradox


Is there such a thing as privacy? Or are we disillusioned to believe what we say and do is in secret? There is a lot of rambling lately about government monitoring of internet and telephone conversations. This has many people in an uproar.


Is Big Brother watching? If so, what do we not want him to see? I believe citizens have a right to privacy. Yet, I also believe in using wisdom before sharing information. It all goes back to the example of the school day secret. You tell you friend your deepest, darkest secret after she swears to never tell. A few days later, the whole school knows and you feel your life is over. You learn to keep sensitive information guarded.
I believe in being real. Not posting your whole life online. And using caution when communicating.
We may never know the details of what the government is doing or seeing. If we did, it could blow our minds. I just know I try to live with integrity and that my Heavenly Father sees all whether Big Brother is looking or not.


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