Thanksgiving’s on Strike?


As I was walking along in a store, my daughter pointed out that the fall items were half price.  I looked at the clearance items and exclaimed, “These are fall decorations they can also be used at Thanksgiving.”  My daughter in her young wisdom profoundly stated that it seems many people are just skipping Thanksgiving.

If I were in another country that would be fine, after all Thanksgiving is an American holiday.  It was started by the Pilgrims giving thanks with the Native Americans for the new land (Pilgrims) food, friendship (with Native Americans) and provision.  

I’m not here to give a history lesson.  What I want to challenge you to ponder this:  Why do many stores skip right past Thanksgiving to Christmas after the Halloween candies and costumes are gone?  I’m sure the factor of sales which is rooted in greed has an effect.  Seems sales on Christmas and even Halloween rise above Thanksgiving profits (all but food perhaps).

Nonetheless, our ancestors proclaimed a holiday embracing thankfulness.  I respect and celebrate Thanksgiving.  Yet, I believe that we should all set aside more than just a day to have an attitude of gratitude.  Thankfulness should be a daily commitment not only a yearly celebration.  With that said, please hold off on the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  I had to check my calendar as I walked that same store as they were playing Silver Bells.    

I challenge you to enjoy today for its own special gifts, don’t rush into the next season, and be grateful for what you have always.


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