The Art of Writing


Several times over the weekend as I visited with family or checked messages, the daunting question was posed. The one I’ve been dodging for months. “When is your novel going to be finished?”
Well, it is written. Yet, like a mother not ready to release her child into the world alone, I hold onto it. I find ways to make it read better, enhance the scences to be more exciting, and correct the grammar.
I’m not ready to publish my novel until I know I’ve done my absolute best. I didn’t start writing to become a novelist. I want to help others with my story of healing from sexual assault. Words gushed out on the screen as I recounted the horror. Presenting it as a well-crafted fiction novel is a challenge. However, it’s one God called me to conquer. I pray for success of this book, not for me, but for the other survivors. This undertaking is worthwhile if it can reach just one person and help God’s healing flow.
There is an appointed release date, publisher, and finished product. I’m content not having all the answers because I know it will all come together at God’s appointed time (Habakkuk 2:3)

Writing is much more complicated than putting raw emotion into words. It’s an art!


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