Mean Old Lady


As I got into my car after shopping at a local department store, I noticed a little old lady shaking her fist in the air. I found this behavior very peculiar, especially when she stared at me and started walking towards my car.
Cautiously, I cracked my window to make sure she was alright. She screamed at me, “You’re parked in a handicapped space and you can walk.” I held up my hanicap placard and smlied. As I began to back out she hatefully protested, “You must be crazy. Are you crazy?”
I whispered a quick prayer and responded, “I have a placard because I am a disabled veteran.” Again she shouted, “Are you crazy? You should save spaces for people who can’t walk. You must be crazy!”
I solemnly replied, “I am not crazy. I served our country and am forever changed. You are welcome for my sacrifices whether visible or not.”
I drove away, leaving the lady speechless. I hope she learns not to judge. She doesn’t know my challenges. There were several disabled spaces avialable and I parked there because my ankle was hurting. I recently had surgery on it because due to a military injury. Even so, I shouldn’t have to be harassed to enjoy any benefits I may receive.


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