Clutter Chaos


As I was getting out of my SUV to go into the library I looked at the car beside me and gasped. It was packed down with papers, trash, and various clutter. The only space open was the driver’s seat. I couldn’t help but to stare. I was in shock. At first, I thought someone might be living out of their car. Yet, the items inside didn’t align with that theory.
I immediately felt such empathy for the owner. In order to get to this point of utter cluttered chaos, there must have been warning signs. Was no one there to help?
I know a messy area makes me very anxious. A cluttered space often represents a cluttered/troubled mind. I immediately prayed for peace to come over this person’s mind. Is there anyone in your world silently sinking in mess? It could be a cry for help on a deeper level than just a need to tidy up.


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