Crazy Defined


What is crazy? Who is crazy? Why is that negative word used so candidly today?
First, I’ll say I don’t like the word crazy. Being a Licensed Professional Counselor with over a decade of experience counseling children, I can testify that word hurts.
I think the little lady calling me “crazy” which I referenced in my last blog bruised my heart.
Yes, I’ve been in counseling for emotional problems. I have even been diagnosed with mental illness, anxiety and PTSD. Yet, I do my best to use the resources provided to me to manage my “deficiencies”.
So, I feel no one should judge a person who is trying to heal from emotional wounds. It’s not fair to be understanding of someone’s physical injury yet, be negative towards a mental one.
I included an image of ‘The Scream’ by Edvin Munch above to capture the essence of this blog. I studied this painting in graduate school. My professor believes the person is having a panic attack. Munch captures the anxiety, fear, and terror beautifully.
Please let’s all try to help one another and stop being unkind.


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