Productivity Please!



Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed with distractions?

Most likely not!  Technology is wonderful, yet it can also be distracting if not used properly.  My writing mentor taught be to silence my phone and check social media at designated times each day (not constantly).  Although it seems like common sense, she had to reteach me that it’s okay to let my voice mail answer my phone and return calls.  I feel that with today’s technology overload, we feel if we do not respond to an update, text, tweet, or call within 30 seconds then we are considered rude.  I’ve learned I must set priorities if I want to be productive.

I recently fell into a slump of un-productivity (thus the lapse between my blogging this week).  In order to get myself motivated I researched some articles.  I found one I’d love to share with you. 

I discovered an article online by   titled “7 tips to boost your productivity right now”

Here are the 7 secrets:

1. Work backwards.

2. Quit multi-tasking.

3. Militantly eliminate distractions.

4. Schedule your email.

5. Pick up the phone.

6. Set your own agenda.

7. Work in 60- to 90-minute intervals.

So what do you think?  Do you have any golden nuggets to boost productivity?


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