Lovely acclamation of inspiration to write. What inspires you? Feedback from readers saying that I’ve helped or touched them motivates me!

barely here nor there

libraryAfter reading this blog I was inspired. I was inspired to write again, to put aside my fears about criticism and failure and just write because I love it. My writing is mediocre at best so I know there will be critics. This woman explained what I felt, as a child, as an adult, extremely eloquently that she rightly deserved being ‘freshly pressed’

So here’s my offering. I have taken inspiration from my new surroundings but by no means is it wholly accurate. I hope you like it.

The Learned Lady of the Library

Mr Biswas walked leisurely along the red clay path of the well established and relatively verdant complex of Hiland Park. Frangipani blossom and white jasmine filled the early evening air with a sweet heady perfume that brought to mind an old sweetheart who wore flowers in her hair. His cotton-white Kurta, delicately embroidered with the…

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