A Better Future starts with a New Name


As I was doing a quality check on my daughter’s chores (going behind her and really cleaning). A pretty perfume bottle caught my eye. It smelled lovely yet, it’s name was inappropriate for a young lady. It was Victoria Secret “Temptation”.

I have nothing against this store. However, in our home “sexy” things are saved for marriage. For example, not having a low neck line and being able to breathe as we zip our jeans. Most importantly, absolutely no “Plumber’s Crack”.

“Perceptive is reality”; that statement is one of the greatest lessons I learned in the military. I took the perfume and laid it on the table where my daughter would see it the next morning. Of course, she claimed it. I explained this concept to her. Changed the perfume’s name from “Temptation” to “Modest is Hottest” and returned the bottle containing that sweet scent to her.

See, the frangrance wasn’t bad, its name was. Thus, creating a negative perception. Can you relate to the perfume? If so, change your name (i.e. be postive, true to yourself, and have intergrity in your actions and speech).


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