It’s all on LOAN


Above is my precious daughter, Madison Zöe, I was blessed to have her with me nearly four years before she went to her Heavenly home. I remember years ago, a lady asked me how I could believe in a God that would take my child away from me. The only answer I had at the time was “His ways aren’t our ways”. It didn’t comfort either of us much.
This morning my answer was revealed. Everything belongs to God, especially people. He created it all and it is all His. He didn’t take my daughter from me. I wasn’t guaranteed any amount of time with her. He allowed me 3 years and 10 months to be her mother before she went home to Heaven.
When I think about her life in this perspective, despite how short is was, I can’t help but to be grateful for the time I had with her. Afterall, I was not guaranteed or entitled to anything. This is a 180 thought process from typical grief, it’s taken twelve years to get here, but it’s where I need to be.


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