Lost & Found

“To find what we’ve lost, we should go to the place where we lost it.”

This is statement came from the Pastor at the church I attended over the weekend. As I pondered this thought…I realized it’s validity. Yes, when I misplace something, I retrace my steps.

The Pastor referenced 2 Kings 6:5-7, where a man lost his axhead in the water as a group was cutting wood to build a new place of worship. Elisha cut a stick and threw it where the axhead fell and it rose up.
This incident was recorded to shows God’s love and provision. I also noticed the fact that the man was doing the Lord’s work so his axhead was recovered.
My take away from this story is that as long as your heart is towards God, things will work out; maybe not the way you expect but in God’s will. And God’s will is more amazing than anything we can imagine. It’s the waiting that can be difficult.
What are your thoughts?


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