Next in line


Have you ever felt like you’re standing in a long line waiting for your heart’s desire? Perhaps it’s marriage, a child, a new job, healing, or a financial breakthrough. Whatever your heart desires a long wait seems grueling.
Yes, I’ve been there, I’m still in that ambiguous line. Not only is the wait been long but, I’ve watched others pass me by and get the same blessing my heart aches to have. While, I’m happy for others, I’m sadden as time ticks by.
I’ve been to the very front of the que thinking I’m next; just to be sent to the back of the line. Experience can be a creul teacher. Yet, giving up is losing. I know that I will get my heart’s desire at the right moment. Until then I’m learning and growing which is preparing me to fully appreciate my gift when it arrives; plus the patience I’m acquiring is an added bonus.


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