Royal Pain comes from “royal” emotions


Drama queens (and perhaps kings) are abundant in our society.  Ironically,  their intense overreaction and fixation on their issues worsen their pain. This epiphany might crack the code behind the “Royal Pain” orgin.
Pain is real; yet wallowing,  dramaticizing, or even avioding it enhances it into a nasty beast. The irony is in the solution.  The only way to become pain-free is to drop the drama (this Is called being a royal pain- perhaps you’re seen that way more from others than yourself).  Remember,  the most royal hier to walk this earth had a crown of thorns not precious jewels. Walk humbly through your pain as he did.  Not once can I find a Bible reference to Jesus as a “drama king”. I don’t think anyone’s pain compared to His, he had the entire world’s sins on his shoulders.  Ask for His help to graciously walk through the trails in your life.
Be blessed and drama free! 🙂


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