Mothers’ Day Gratitude


Mother’s Day is a very bitter-sweet day for me. I lost my first born child in 2001 and my mother in 2008. So today, despite having a lovely 15 year daughter who celebrates me, there are loved ones missing. I know that my sweet Mom and Madison would not want me to be sad so I reflect on the happy memories.
My earthly mothers, like me weren’t perfect. My adoptive mother did her best and instilled a lot of love in me which I pass on to my daughter. I’ve never met my birth mother, yet she gave me the gift of life under less than ideal conditions (I am sure). After experiencing natural childbirth myself, I am very grateful.
Yet, today I reflect on the most amazing mother in history, Mary. She gave the world the Son of God. If we only believe in Him, we all can have eternal life. Mary was so courageous to be the vessel through which God sent saving grace into the world. Despite whether you have a mother or child to celebrate with today. You have Jesus, if you want Him, he’s always just a prayer away. Thank you Mary for being a brave momma to our Savior.


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