Time may bring ignorance


Time may bring ignorance. Not in the definition of being unwise or stupid, but by ignoring the obvious. Pictured above is my damaged hood. Recently, a hubcap flew off another car and hit my vehicle as I was driving on the interstate. I was shocked, scared and relieved that it didn’t break the windshield and cause major mishap.
The first few days, I was upset about the damage. Now, I don’t think much about it. Yet, it is still there and needs to be repaired.
When this realization hit me today, I was reminded of the hidden places of our hearts. Is there any damage or messes in our hearts that need to be cleaned up? Don’t let another day go by without giving those flaws to God.

He is there to help us, not punish us. I pray we all make today a little better than yesterday. Move forward, readers!

Mark 4:22 NIV For whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.


2 thoughts on “Time may bring ignorance

  1. Kristoff says:

    😦 I was going to start a blog , mostly about stuff like how when I see a un guarded stack of post it notes I flip to a random page and write something like ” vote for Mr hotsauce ” . your blog is well thought out, uplifting and a bit introverted . now I feel intimidated . to be honest yours is the first blog I have ever read ( yep its true) . tick tock tick tock , I’ve thought it over I will start writing more positive things like ” hug the next person you see wearing a yellow acessory , or ” why arnt you smiling ” etc etc thanks for the illumination

    • Thank you for the kind words! Don’t be intimidated. Write! Blog! Just like there are different types of writers, there are many kinds of readers. You never know who needs to see your words. I thought your ideas were awesome. Post them for the world to ponder. Some will love your work, others may not. Yet, you’ll be doing what matters, sharing your heart. You have the right to free speech, exercise it! Best of luck!
      ~Delena (NoLongerWounded)

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