Young Love

Awwwww, to be in love. Pictured below is an adorable, young couple which I’m honored to call my friends. They are very mature for their age and treat one another with respect. They exhibit good communication and team work. They are a loving example of how a positive relationship looks. When you refer to one, you immediately think of the other. They have merged together as individuals into a healthy couple. They compliment each other and it works well.

Life is too short to fuss and fight. Surround yourself with positive people who help you rise up. There’s no time for those who pull you down. Hopefully, you’re not in a bad relationship. If so, pray for God to either repair it or for you to have courage to move on. God’s will isn’t stressful, confusing, or painful; it is joyful. God ordained connections may have challenges from time to time, but are never in a constant state of turbulence.



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