Safe Prescence

Good morning. I want to share a quote with you today from my Jesus Calling devotional. It has made my heart smile. I hope it brightens your day as well.

The more aware you are of My presence, the safer you feel.

Sarah Young brings Acts 17:27-28 alive with that statement. I love this simple devotional, it’s like reading love letters from our Savior.

Have a happy and peaceful day! 🙂


Trick or Treat (Quiet time)


“Quietness is the classroom where you learn to hear My voice. Beginners need a quiet place in order to still their minds. As you advance in this disciple, you gradually learn to carry the stillness with you wherever you go.”
Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling®”

Today is Halloween. I’m not much into celebrating this day. Many people are looking for treats today, so I’m throwing a non-perishable one out on my blog.
The above quote can be life changing if you allow it to be. Do you seek out quietness? Do you set a time to listen for God to speak?  Is there time in your crazy schedule of a moment to pause and catch your breath?

I challenge you to honestly answer those questions. If you don’t have a set quiet time, make one. Set at least 5 minutes each day to be still. If you have a set time, I encourage you to increase it at least 5 minutes. If you practice quiet time regularly and see no results, I urge you to seek out an accountability partner (see my Buddy System blog for details).

If you start your day relaxed, then the rest of it is more likely to be pleasant. 🙂

Ready, Set, Rest


I am currently reading a devotional by Sarah Young titled “Jesus Calling”. Last night the topic really resonated with me. The main truth I took away is that most people deny their need for rest. God built that need in us and resting shouldn’t evoke guilt.
It’s only when we enter into His rest that we are in His presence. I used allow others to condemn me for resting. Even buy into their falsehood that I’m lazy. Yet, I have been blessed for doing as my Father has called to me to do. Resting is an intricate part of living. May we all be well-rested.