Words Matter!


Happy Sunday! Just a quick random thought this morning.

Words matter, if you are struggling from something, like fear, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, PTSD, addiction, ——–fill in the blank with your “challenge”. (Do not label it a problem or disease)
Instead of giving the issue power by talking about it, give God power to heal it.
For example:
I’m being healed from PTSD, not I have PTSD. 😃

Words matter, choose them wisely. They can’t go back into your mouth. Please don’t fall down a spiral of chaotic pain, confusion, and negativity which poor statements (negative self-talk) bring into your life. 😱

A special thanks, to a certain smiling ministry that helped me realize this years ago.


Joel Osteen/attend Lakewood Church made the Top 100 things to do in Houston Press


I’m very proud of my pastor, Joel Osteen, for making the top 100 list in the Houston Press. As I perused this article, while waiting at a local healthcare facility, I saw many items such as the Space Center, Rodeo Houston, Miller Outdoor Theatre, and Hermann Park. Then to my delight, I read these words “Watch a Joel Osteen sermon in person at Lakewood Church.” Excellent suggestion from the reporter Jeff Blake.
Yes, please, Houstonians join us anytime at Lakewood Church. We will welcome you with open arms and you will check off an item on the Houston top 100 bucket list of things to do in our city. I’m sure you will not leave the same, you’ll be encouraged and hopefully share the same smile my famous pastor wears on your way out.

Lakewood Church
3700 Southwest Fwy
Houston, Texas

Service times:
Saturday 7pm
Sunday 8:30 and11:00am
Sunday 7:00pm Young Adult
Wednesday 7:30pm

En espanol: Sunday 1:30pm
Thursday 7:30pm