Words Matter!


Happy Sunday! Just a quick random thought this morning.

Words matter, if you are struggling from something, like fear, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, PTSD, addiction, ——–fill in the blank with your “challenge”. (Do not label it a problem or disease)
Instead of giving the issue power by talking about it, give God power to heal it.
For example:
I’m being healed from PTSD, not I have PTSD. 😃

Words matter, choose them wisely. They can’t go back into your mouth. Please don’t fall down a spiral of chaotic pain, confusion, and negativity which poor statements (negative self-talk) bring into your life. 😱

A special thanks, to a certain smiling ministry that helped me realize this years ago.


When in doubt—Trust the Man!


I had a lovely visit to Houston. It’s hard to say goodbye. This city has been my home for nearly seven years. I love my friends, most of whom are like family, my church, and the energy of this city! However, I know in this new season God has called me elsewhere, away from Houston in a much smaller city. Sometimes God’s will doesn’t make sense, yet He always knows best! When in doubt just trust Him! 🙂

Thanksgiving Always

Many Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today with traditional feasts of turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, desserts, and other delicious treats. I encourage you to strive for a continual attitude of thankfulness each day.
My pastor has been known to declare “Praise proceeds the victory”. Let’s enter His gates with thanksgiving today and each day that follows!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Become a Curse Breaker and Legacy Maker


In a recent sermon, Dr. Paul Osteen proclaimed to John Gray that he is a curse breaker and legacy maker. These words ruminated in many people who heard that sermon. Several people related to this phenomenon.
What exactly is a curse breaker? It is someone who breaks away from the sin and negativity that their family has lived in for generations. The family’s sin has brought forth curses. The curse breaker draws a metaphorical line in time and says, “Enough is enough. It stops with me.” Then turns to Jesus and lives a wholesome life. They turn from sin to rightousness and receive blessings instead of curses.
This new way of life is passed down through the new generations. And thus, this person becomes a legacy maker. Do you need to break any generational curses? It can be done with God’s help. I am living proof.

Does your past predict your future?


Does your past predict your future? Only if you let it. My pastors Joel Osteen and John Gray are pictured above, they have entirety different childhood experiences. Joel had a loving father who shared the love of God, yet John’s father was nowhere near.
Both of these men are successful pastors. They both have ministries that help millions, loving wives, and beautiful children. Just because John didn’t have a paternal role model like Joel doesn’t mean he is less equipped to prosper.
The common thread of their success is a deeply rooted love of God, and maybe praying mothers. Both men love God and obey Him. It doesn’t matter where you started, serve God with a pure heart and He can take you anywhere!

Friday the 13th-Be supernatural not superstitious


It’s Friday the 13th, many people are on guard fearing black cats, bad luck, accidents, and even death. Hollywood has reaped the monetary benefits of this fear through the popular Friday the Thirteenth horror sequels.
Stop to ask “why” this one day brings terror. Can you find rationale data to support these fears? I heard a sermon a couple days ago by Pastor John Gray. I extend his encouragement to you to Faith your Fear and be supernatural not superstitious. Why fear when our God can conquer all?