God’s Round up

When breaking a generational curse for good you must destroy it completely. I have made great strides but a little root is still here. Time for God’s roundup weed killer.
I am a curse breaker and legacy maker!

I’d love to hear your stories of triumph.



Become a Curse Breaker and Legacy Maker


In a recent sermon, Dr. Paul Osteen proclaimed to John Gray that he is a curse breaker and legacy maker. These words ruminated in many people who heard that sermon. Several people related to this phenomenon.
What exactly is a curse breaker? It is someone who breaks away from the sin and negativity that their family has lived in for generations. The family’s sin has brought forth curses. The curse breaker draws a metaphorical line in time and says, “Enough is enough. It stops with me.” Then turns to Jesus and lives a wholesome life. They turn from sin to rightousness and receive blessings instead of curses.
This new way of life is passed down through the new generations. And thus, this person becomes a legacy maker. Do you need to break any generational curses? It can be done with God’s help. I am living proof.