Divine meetings

I met a mother who recently lost her son as I was traveling. There was an unspoken connection, divine and spiritual. I gave her the smile and hug she needed. She gave me more hope to continue to share my heart. Helping others may expose wounds, but they are meant to be “aired out” to heal.

Kelly, you are special because you’re God’s daughter. It was amazing to have met you. God will use your story to inspire others as well. Keep smiling.


Giving back


Today I gave Dr. Robinson a signed copy of my book. She was the psychologist who lead the traumatic grief therapy group I completed several months ago. Without her gentle guidance into healing from losing my daughter, I most likely would’ve stayed stuck avoiding the pain. She definitely played a role in me having the courage to write about my healing journey. Now, my story is published and prayfully will help many other grieving parents.
When we succeed, it is critical we remember the people who helped us get there!