Words Matter!


Happy Sunday! Just a quick random thought this morning.

Words matter, if you are struggling from something, like fear, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, PTSD, addiction, ——–fill in the blank with your “challenge”. (Do not label it a problem or disease)
Instead of giving the issue power by talking about it, give God power to heal it.
For example:
I’m being healed from PTSD, not I have PTSD. 😃

Words matter, choose them wisely. They can’t go back into your mouth. Please don’t fall down a spiral of chaotic pain, confusion, and negativity which poor statements (negative self-talk) bring into your life. 😱

A special thanks, to a certain smiling ministry that helped me realize this years ago.


Stretch those writing muscles


Pictured above is the publication from my Creative Writing class. The instructor complies students’ work every year to complete this book. I am proud to say of my two contributions, one is poetry. That may not sound thrilling if you don’t know me well. Before this class, I didn’t attempt poetry and felt it wasn’t a writing strength for me. I was stuck in my comfort zone writing fiction, short stories, and devotionals.

Through this class, I stretched my writing muscles, learned some fundamentals, and realized through my teacher’s edits; I am challenged with comma placement. I met others who share my passion of writing. I was inspired, encouraged, and challenged to grow as a writer.

Fellow scribes, I urge you not to become complacent in your craft. Stretch those writing muscles by taking a class, joining a writers’ group, or attending a conference.

I am part of an online writers group on Facebook, Writers Life Group, hosted by the phenomenal Melanie Stiles. All are welcome to join, they meet bimonthly in the Houston area as well as daily online correspondence.