Safe Prescence

Good morning. I want to share a quote with you today from my Jesus Calling devotional. It has made my heart smile. I hope it brightens your day as well.

The more aware you are of My presence, the safer you feel.

Sarah Young brings Acts 17:27-28 alive with that statement. I love this simple devotional, it’s like reading love letters from our Savior.

Have a happy and peaceful day! ūüôā


Going to my “Happy Place”


Most of us have heard the expression, “Go to your happy place”. As a licensed counselor and a consistent user of visualization, I’m here to say that it works.
Not many people realize the power of our thoughts. Visualizing something postive when you are upset, sad, scared, or mad (any negative emotion) can calm you and brighten your mood. It’s important to have a happy place to mentally go to in trying times.
One of my favorite happy places is pictured above, the North Shore in Honolulu. I’ve been blessed to visit a military buddy that lives there a few times. The scenery, sand, warm sunshine, and sounds of the waves bring peace to my mind. Do you have a happy place as well? I’d love to hear about it.

Clutter Chaos


As I was getting out of my SUV to go into the library I looked at the car beside me and gasped. It was packed down with papers, trash, and various clutter. The only space open was the driver’s seat. I couldn’t help but to stare. I was in shock. At first, I thought someone might be living out of their car. Yet, the items inside didn’t align with that theory.
I immediately felt such empathy for the owner. In order to get to this point of utter cluttered chaos, there must have been warning signs. Was no one there to help?
I know a messy area makes me very anxious. A cluttered space often represents a cluttered/troubled mind. I immediately prayed for peace to come over this person’s mind. Is there anyone in your world silently sinking in mess? It could be a cry for help on a deeper level than just a need to tidy up.

Smooth Deal



I just closed on the sell of my home yesterday. ¬†This was the first home I’ve ever¬†owned¬†and¬†thus, the first home sell experience of my life. ¬†There were several real estate agents in the¬†mix. ¬†A couple seasoned¬†and¬†one that was very¬†obnoxious. ¬†However, the day before the sale I was able to speak directly with my buyer. ¬†He and I were able to talk¬†and¬†work everything out between us. ¬†He agreed to finish a couple¬†home¬†repairs¬†and¬†I gave him cash to do so. ¬†I agreed to to keep the electricity on until he can switch it into his name next week. ¬†Simple agreements¬†and¬†compromise on¬†both¬†sides made this one smooth deal. ¬†It is amazing how much easier transactions become when we all try to help the one another.

Can you relate?

Sometimes the best thing to say is Nothing


Yesterday, I got a big test in staying calm and quiet. A lady, who was assigned to help me with a project, just total gave up and verbally atracked me. I sat and listened as she blamed me for being tardy and got defensive when I apologized. I was the only one of her group of four ladies who came to the meeting. I sat and took a verbal beating for showing up. For a moment, I questioned if I should have just flaked out like the other ladies. Yet, I remained silent and let this lady in authority lash out knowing she was hurting for reasons I do not know. I kept silent until she was finished. Then politely dismissed myself. It was definitely a challenge. Sometimes, it is hard, yet necessary to be quite.
Perhaps my small act of silence will sow a seed of love in her heart. Being silent isn’t admitting you’re wrong, it is keeping the peace.

Can you relate?

Forgiveness can be a One Way Street


I saw this sign as I drove by a church in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. It brought a personal situation to memory and the sign made me laugh. There was a lady who my best friend and I befriended a few years back. We went out of our way to help this lady spiritually, professionally, financially, and emotionally. She in turn, seemed to be appreciative on the surface. Then, I got a bizarre call from my ministry leaders at my church. An anonymous lady had called to report that I was being extremely promiscuous. My church responded in love and offered help. I assured them this complaint was untrue and after writing a required statement all was well in my ministry. I knew where this “anonymous” concern came from, I immediately called my best friend to ask her why our mutual friend had done this. She assured me that she advised her not to call the church and she wasn’t sure why she did it or why she thought I was a very naughty girl. This upset me and the accuser would not speak to me. After some time, I decided to forgive her. I sent her a message to let her know I knew what she did and I forgive her. I went an extra step and apologized if I had ever done anything to upset her. Her response was…..Silence. The next time I saw her….nothing. I said Hello and she wouldn’t look me in the eye. I have moved on and refuse to live my life in unforgiveness and anger. I’m over what she did. It was wrong but hopefully she will no longer start vicious rumors. For now, this act of forgiveness is a one way street. I pray this lady learns from her actions and moves from guilt to glory. Yet, I can’t let anyone else’s actions stop me from being joyful!

Learning to Relax… acquired skill.


Most of my life has been fast-paced and filled with drama I never asked to partake in. In my childhood, I had little to no control over my environment. Or who and what was allowed in my life. But now, I am an adult. I can make my own decisions; including where I live, where I go, and who I allow in my life. I have learned many hard lessons throughout my journey. In this season of my life, I am learning to relax. I am understanding, for the first time, what calm feels like. Let me tell you, calm and peace, is blissful! I highly recommend it to all! I have a goal for 2013, “Drama free is the way to be.” As I work to reach this goal I am learning that in the absence of drama there is peace. I’ve discovered to attain calm you must eliminate negativity. I am still learning each day but making an effort to chose peace despite anyone’s reaction is very rewarding! At the end of my day, I must answer the question: Who did I please today? God or man. God never brings drama… who are you pleasing?